TRAILER PREVIEW of Day 2 of The 30 Day Visionary Yoga Challenge: Shift Your Relationship to Stress Through Opening Your Shoulders

2018 | 0:59 | FITNESS |

The shoulders are most people's favorite place to store responsibility-related stress. In this session, we'll open the shoulder in a variety of ways with the intention of shifting our relationship to stress.

At Visionary Yoga, we're always looking at the ways our physical practice provides insights into life off the mat.
Stress is something we all face, but few of us know how to shift our relationship to it so we can use it to grow as a human being.

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Spend just a few minutes opening your shoulders and experience a whole new flow in your heart, lungs and your entire upper body! Immune-boosting as well as stress-busting, you'll leave the session feeling relaxed and uplifted.

Challenge Level: Beginner-Intermediate

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