Tree Wisdom from your Heart Forest

2019 | 31:47 | LIFESTYLE |

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Move deep into your Heart Garden, beyond the gentle cultivated zone into the older more primal areas of your Heart Forest. Connect with an old Tree there and experience the secret wisdom of Tree Song.

Bring the magic of this TreeSong into your body to balance and harmonise your energies and move through your day and the week ahead with the elegance of tree wisdom guiding your every action.

Start your week right with this morning meditation.

Join Linda Emslie from Lovlali for a short, guided meditation, live every Monday morning at 6.00 am ACST.

Connect into our online meditation space direct here:

You can also use this link to catch the replay at a more convenient time.

Whether you need your chakras balanced, or a full body restoration and recharge, or want to tap in to Source for clarity and guidance, you're in the right place!

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