UASC: Martial Arts Action Cinema

UASC - Bounty Warz (Trailer)

Season 1, Episode 1 | 2020 | 1:51 | ENTERTAINMENT |

Earth Date 2043; The World Economic Default of 2012 spawned the New World Order of the Allied United Front known as The Coalition. Decades of chaos swept the Earth as Nations of ambitious men waged wars seeking to become “Supreme Commander” of the One World Alliance. Advances in cloning, bio-genetics, and inter-dimensional technologies were prevalent during these decades as zealous men sought to create the perfect soldier. 

In the end, science and technology merged yielding the existence of the D.C.U. Droid Combative Unit. D.C.U.'s quickly restored order for The Coalition throughout the land yet the failed attempts emerged the dark offspring of genetically altered glitched D.C.U experiments known as Regents. Regents were often unstable yet genetically superior with subhuman and regenerative capabilities. Many Regents used their genetic advantages to rebel against The Coalition becoming fugitives forming sub-colonies and taking refuge in the Fourth Dimension known as 4D.

The Coalition determined it to be too costly to deploy D.C.U.'s to exercise justice in 4D do to the uncertainty of retrieval forced by the Time-Space disparity throughout dimensions. The Coalition sanctioned Bounty Hunters as the solution. Like Regents, Bounty Hunters are descendents of bio technological genetics but usually far more advanced. Most Bounty Hunters descend from the outer realms of 4D where ever evolving beings known as Transcenders rule the quantum realms. The Coalition created an A.I super computer know as T.A.U.L.I.A Technical Advanced Universal Logistic Intelligence Access to process all Bounty Hunting activities. Suspecting T.A.U.L.I.A.'s main frame has been hacked, Zora protégé of Xylus Transcender of the 7th degree commissioned Huntresses Rayne and Ryu to investigate. Will they find the answer before dimensional war is declared?

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