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Tips on how to use your data for better engagement and conversions by Phillip Davis

• When you improve engagement you also improve your reputation which happens with a combination of clean and complete data.
• Make sure you have clean data and make sure you have the information you need to understand who the user is behind that email address, so you can take better action and meet your user’s needs.
• It’s age, gender, location, marital status, the presence of children, homeowner status, and income. Those are universally useful across channels.
• If you’re sending me over a file that represents emails that you’ve collected over the last 20 years, obviously the metrics will suffer a little.
• The Holy Grail is personalization. And so the idea is that every single person will get a tailored email or a tailored experience when they walk into a store or a tailored postcard or a tailored experience on your website based on the uniqueness of their data.
• One of the biggest marketing mistakes is not using the technology you have in-house to its full potential.
• Measuring and establishing benchmark KPIs is probably one of the most important things a marketer could do.
• Fill your data holes in and then you can go cross channel and so if they have an email list, let’s get them a postal list because you know what’s fascinating? Direct mail converts.
• It’s like every relationship, it’s the dance you do when you date. There’s kind of a pacing and a right sequence to engagement takes place so don’t try to go too far too fast. With the data, use it for understanding and just be appropriate with that use.
• Stay true to the voice of your brand. And if you don’t know what the voice of your brand is, go figure that out. 

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When you improve engagement you also improve your reputation which happens with a combination of clean and complete data.

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Doug:Well, welcome back listeners to another episode of Real Marketing, Real Fast. Today, I’ve got a special treat for you. The guest joining us in studio today is going to share some really great information. If you have an email list, or you have a direct mail list, or you have a telemarketing list, Phillip is going to share how you can enhance that data to have a deeper, more engaged relationship and conversation with your clients, prospects, and subscribers.

Doug:Phillip comes from a company called Tower Data, a company that I’m quite familiar with. He has been a data industry veteran for years. He is the Chief Business Officer for Tower Data, and he’s held several high-ranking positions at other well-known players, such as CEO of RapLeaf, a division of LiveRamp, and the President of ConsumerBase where he ran its data division and their digital agency. And he’s also worked with SVPMD, which is a newly-formed online division of EquiFax. But before that, Phillip was part of the management team that took Daily [Dalien 00:01:08] Technologies public. He’s an exceptional, energetic, and personable guest. I’m sure you’ll hear that as we carry on our conversation.

Doug:Phillip really helps his clients identify better and more efficient ways to engage

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