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Walkabout Safari Days 2016

Get your tickets now because the Wildcat Walkabout ALWAYS sells out! On Oct 1, 2016 you can walk about the sanctuary at your own pace, take all the photos and videos you want, and have the benefit of knowing that your admission will go to conserving exotic cats in the wild.

We have selected five important “in situ” projects (i.e. work being done out in the wild to preserve species). Each project is devoted to a different species – Tiger, Lion, Jaguar, Canada Lynx or Clouded Leopard.

When you check in, you receive five tickets each worth $5. As you go around the sanctuary you will visit stations where you can learn about the project. Then YOU DECIDE which projects your $25 admission fee will go toward by dropping your $5 tickets in the jar at the projects of your choice. You can divide up your tickets in any way you want – all to one project, or split them among the projects.

ALL of your admission will be donated to the projects you select.

Learn More at http://BigCatRescue.org/safari-days/

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