Watercolour painting techniques and tutorial with Sue Lederhose I Colour In Your Life

2020 | 24:00 | LIFESTYLE |

In this fine art TV show episode Sue Lederhose is interviewed with Colour In Your Life about painting, drawing, art workshops, art tips and art techniques.

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Fine Art TV Series - Colour In Your Life
Season - 07
Episode - 04
Filmed on Location at - Central QLD, Australia

Sue Lederhose was born in Murgon, Queensland, in the baby boom of the post war era. She was raised on a mixed dairy farm, the middle child of six. While at high school she dabbled in oil paints and developed an enduring love of country landscapes.

Her first teaching position was to Bamaga, the extreme tip of Cape York. The strong art culture of the traditional Islander people was inspiring and many of these designs were used in her own fabric printing. In 1980 Sue was transferred to Mundubbera, where she married, worked in all the schools, ran a business and raised a family, becoming part of the community, church and local volunteer groups. Her interest in art was confined to teaching and promoting it in the schools.

Sue Lederhose's inspiration is anything in God's creation. She loves to paint landscapes, flowers and portraiture, both animal and people. Pastels and various mixed media have been explored. Nothing is out of bounds or off limits! Some of the mediums she uses with watercolour include gouache, acrylic, charcoal, ink, pencils, oil and chalk pastels as well as acrylic textural mediums.

Sue Lederhose has always entered as many art shows and exhibitions as possible and from the onset she has won prizes, first with her graphite and charcoal work, later with her watercolours and her pastel work. She believes competitions are an excellent way to gauge the quality of your own work, expose artworks for sale and move on towards professionalism. Her personal goals are to continue to learn from other artists and develop her own style in graphite, charcoal, pastel and watercolour.

You can contact the artist about their art tips or art techniques directly via their website http://www.lederhoseart.com/

The Colour In Your Life TV series is an art show that takes you into the everyday studios of artists from around the world. While in the studio they share their individual techniques with the viewer in a relaxed atmosphere with a delightfully Australian host and fellow artist Graeme Stevenson. The series is currently filmed in Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

Colour In Your Life is an Australian produced TV art show and website http://www.colourinyourlife.com.au

Graeme Stevenson, a world renowned Artist himself, rides his Harley Davidson to the studios of Artists all over the world and allows the viewers a chance to go into the Art studios of some of the greatest Artists in the world.

A wonderfully engaging show that allows people to see inside the minds and the abilities of some of the most creative people in the world. If you love creativity and the shear joy of looking at the world through Art, then Colour In Your Life is the place too be.

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