Season 1, Episode 5 | 2021 | 57:34 | INSPIRATION |

DID YOU KNOW THAT HUMAN TRAFFICKING IS A MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY? Yes, it is the true Pandemic of our Times - The Real COVID-19! Tune-in to the next episode of The Helen and Amaru Talk Show (REAL TALK RADIO) as we will dive deep into uncharted waters into an ancient practice that goes way beyond even our current times of Awakening.

In Episode #2 of The Helen and Amaru Talk Show, Helen and Amaru will talk about how there is another currency which is significantly higher in value in comparison to any country's current currency, worth more than Gold and Silver, and even holds more of its weight against the trafficking of illegal street drugs. Yes, we are talking about Human Bodies! Not only are people sex-trafficked, bred, abused, mind-controlled, and eaten, but they are also used for the creation of a highly potent hormonal drug - only made for the Elites and Secret Societies of the World. And (yes) we are talking about the nefarious Adrenochrome, itself!

And if you possess not even a single inkling of a clue as to what we are talking about, well, tune-in today and listen to this heart-felt episode. GET READY TO BE RED-PILLED!!!

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