Welcome to 'The Show with No Name' Series 1, Episode 28, 17 September 2019. Dreamed up Theonie Rou

23:40 · 2019

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Welcome to 'The Show with No Name' Series 1, Episode 28, 17 September 2019.

Dreamed up Theonie Roussianos and Adaire Palmer to help people in your local community to raise their profile and encourage awareness and support for what matters to them and their communities.

We also help profit for purpose, charities and service to connect with communities to raise brand awareness and help staff and volunteers working within them to become the best #BrandChampions they can be for their cause. To interact with us during the live broadcast, make sure you're watching over at the original source on Mytimetv.live here https://www.facebook.com/MyTimetv.live/videos/506824406802487/

Mytimetv.Live through 'The Show with No Name are proud to support the Ekam World Peace Festival. See details below and check the events calendar here for when we're live.
Would you like to experience more inner peace regardless of outer circumstance? Would you would like to make a significant contribution towards World Peace? Then join us TODAY and daily for Soul Sync Meditation during the Ekam World Peace Festival. Each day has a specific global peace intent and brings a great personal blessing also. Soul Sync is a guided meditation of around 15 minutes that takes you into an expansive state of consciousness where intentions and heart-felt desires are fulfilled. Daily intentions:
September 12th - Peace Meditation: World Harmony and Ending of All Wars
September 13th - Peace Meditation: For Violence Against Children to Cease
September 14th - Peace Meditation : For Violence Against Nature to Cease
September 15th - Peace Meditation: For Violence in the Minds of Young People to Cease
September 16th - Peace Meditation: For Religious Intolerance in the World to Cease
September 17th - Peace Meditation: For Racial Discrimination to Cease
September 18th - Peace Meditation : For Cruelty Against Animals to Cease
September 19th - Peace Meditation : For Domestic Violence to Cease
September 20th - Peace Meditation: For the Economic Exploitation to Cease
September 21st - Peace Meditation: For Violence against Women to Cease
Download Soul Sync here https://www.oo.academy/soul-sync-medit…/ https://www.ekamworldpeacefestival.com For more details or to join Adelaide Global Peace Meditation on Sunday 22nd Sept. contact Jane Whiting, janewhiting11@gmail.com


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