Welcome to 'The Show with No Name' Series 1, Episode 30, 29 September 2019. Dreamed up Theonie Rous

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Welcome to 'The Show with No Name' Series 1, Episode 30, 29 September 2019. Dreamed up Theonie Roussianos and Adaire Palmer to help people in your local community to raise their profile and encourage awareness and support for what matters to them and their communities. We also help profit for purpose, charities and service to connect with communities to raise brand awareness and help staff and volunteers working within them to become the best #BrandChampions they can be for their cause. To interact with us during the live broadcast, make sure you're watching over at the original source on Mytimetv.live here https://www.facebook.com/MyTimetv.live/videos/391977281711231/

Today we bring you a special episode, introducing you to Krystie Bestt and her partner, Denny Stribling.

Krystie is a 32 year old mum and step mum. She graduated from uni early last year and began working in her chosen career. Krystie and Denny built a life they love, including a wedding in 2021. Then, in September last year, Krystie started experiencing symptoms such as migraines, chronic vertigo and dizziness, tremors, to name just a few. An MRI scan of her brain revealed Krystie has a Pineal Cystic Brain Tumour.

Krystie has struggled to find any assistance with treatment here in Adelaide, and has not been able to undergo surgery as she's been told the risks are too high. Krystie then had a consultation with Professor Charlie Teo who has offered some relieving news that he could perform her surgery, and in fact, has performed on other patients, too.

Krystie is raising funds to help cover out of pocket expenses for this life saving treatment with a fundraising goal of $60,000.

Tune in to hear more about Krystie's story her upcoming fundraising event.

To keep updated on Krystie's progress, pop over to her page Krystie and the Brain

For more information on the upcoming fundraiser to be held on 12 October, visit the event https://www.facebook.com/events/376812679674165/
If you'd like to make a contribution to her GoFundMe visit https://www.gofundme.com/f/krystieandthebrain

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