What IS Bulldog Yoga?

2021 | 2:55 | YOGA |

Bulldog Yoga was created in 2015 with the unique goal of bringing the amazing benefits of yoga to more people by making it approachable, accessible and fun (yep, yoga can be fun!). Our team of Yoga Alliance certified instructors help Bulldoggers ditch the intimidating feeling many of us get when we take a yoga class.

The mood in a Bulldog class is fun, energetically spirited, friendly and supportive. It’s more than ok to not be “great”, or even “good”, at yoga - though we’re pretty confident you’ll be feeling like a Bulldog bad-ass when following along with our yoga instructors’ creative flows.

Our classes consist of high-energy, only-work-out of the day kind of vibes. You’ll get your sweat on in our Invigorate, Exhilarate, Bootcamp & Sculpt classes. We also have classes with HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) elements and classes using weights & resistance bands.

However, if you’re looking for a slow and steady workout, our Activate classes offer a slow flow with calm yet energetic music. We have Bulldog Basics and Beginner classes, & a restorative series of classes called Bulldog Chill. We also have meditation, pre-natal classes and even classes for kids and teens.

Welcome to the pack!

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