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What you need to know for podcast success with Jessica Rhodes

• Being a guest on a podcast is such an amazing marketing strategy, and it’s one that time-and-time again I always come back to in my own business.
• When you’re a guest on the podcast there’s a huge value in search engine optimization. 
• As a podcast guest, consider creating a podcast (media) one sheet and strategize with the host.
• Going on shows that are super-targeted and hosted by people that you are likely to work with or are in your target audience is super great 
• A podcast interview comes down to having a good conversation.
• Getting booked – You’re going to realize that after five hours of researching for shows and sending pitches, you’re not going to want to spend your time doing that.
• As a guest, be really organized and prepared.
• Be a secret shopper of your own online presence.
• The pitch – you want to lead with what you can give to their audience, what value you have to offer, what information can you share, what can you teach, all that good stuff.
• Theoretically, they’re sharing it with their following and then you’re going to get some new listeners because they shared it to their audience. You need to share it too. It’s a two-way street. 

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Being a guest on a podcast is such an amazing marketing strategy, and it’s one that time-and-time again I always come back to in my own business.

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Doug:Welcome back listeners to another episode of Real Marketing Real Fast. Today we’re going to talk about podcasting. This isn’t a solo episode, no. I’ve got Jessica Rhodes joining me as my guest. And we’re going to talk about interviews, being a guest, being a host, and how you might be able to leverage that for your business. So, we had a great conversation on some tips for those you who are thinking, “Hey, how can I expand my business,” and have not considered being a guest on a podcast. And for those of you who have considered hosting a podcast, some tips and techniques and something you might want to consider as you’re getting started.

Now a more formal introduction of Jessica is that she is the founder and the co-owner of Interview Connections, it’s a leading guest booking agency for podcasters and guest experts. So she works with people like myself to provide guests, and those guests are her clients. She scaled her business quickly into a multiple six-figures, with no direct selling, marketing, or any advertising, and she expects to break through the seven-figure mark in this next year. Jessica and her in-house team of booking agencies are podcast powerhouses behind many of the record-breaking book launch that you’ve seen today such as J. J. Virgin, Perry Marshal, and other authors that you may know, as well as numerous PR agencies.

Jessica started podcasting in 2014 with the launch of The Rock, The Podcast and also co-hosts the podcast producing Womensplaining. She’s an acclaimed author of Interview Connections, How to Rock the Podcast from Both Sides of the Mic, and is a featured speaker at the Podcast Movement, the Podcast Multimedia Expo, and the Dream Business Academy. She is married, the mom of two children, Nathan and Lucy, and I’d like you to join with me and

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