Thought Leaders : Mario Martinez

Thought Leaders : Mario Martinez

In this workshop we explore the mystical path in a world of distractions, contradictions, and lack of meaning in our personal journeys.

I teach the way of the outliers combining cultural anthropology and cultural neuroscience to explain the mindbody principles of mysticism and its practical applications to increase meaning and wellness in life.
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While traditional mystics were focused on finding union with divinity without much concern for their health, in my model of mystical outliers I integrate the most effective contemplative methods of Western and Eastern mysticism with practical applications of the latest discoveries in mindbody science to sustain wellness and healthy longevity. Some of the topics I will present with experiential applications include:

• How Most Illnesses Are Culturally Learned and the Causes of Health Are Inherited
• How Contemplative Methods Can Enhance Immune System Functioning
• Navigating Adversity with Uncertainty As Your Guide

Thought Leaders : Mario Martinez